Mconnect Advanced Product FAQ Extension for Magento 2

While customers are into their buyer’s journey their mind is filled with many queries or questions. And to get all the answers they might reach you at the different channels available. But they might not wait for your reply and move to another product or competitor’s website. Since you don’t want to lose your potential customers, here’s what you can do. You can assemble all the relevant queries or frequently asked questions from your customers and make a section on your product page that answers all those FAQs. This will encourage your customers to complete their buyer’s journey by purchasing a product.

Mconnect Advanced Product FAQ Extension for Magento 2 displays all the queries and questions most frequently asked by creating a well-organized knowledgeable FAQ section. This FAQ section will answer all the common queries of your customers. The extension has an option to display the FAQs separately on the CMS page or on the product page itself. The admin can customize the various settings and display the position of the extension via backend. With the use of WYSIWYG, admin can add images, blocks, widgets, and prepare questions and answers easily. Also, you can enable search functionality on a separate FAQ page so that it would be easy for your customers to find answers.

Features of Mconnect Advanced Product FAQ Extension for Magento 2

  • Customers can quickly find answers to their queries.
  • Manage FAQs and their categories from backend grids.
  • The extension has a collapsible interface that hides/shows answers to the questions.
  • Admin can set how many numbers of the question to show per page.
  • Due to AJAX Elimination of page reloading when selecting a category of the FAQ.
  • Easily navigate to the FAQ category from the sidebar.
  • The extension provides WYSIWYG editor to add images, blocks, widgets in FAQ answers.
  • Also, it has multi-store support along with SEO and mobile-friendliness.

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