Mconnect Product Image Flipper Extension for Magento 2

One study found that 83% of the consumers responded saying that product images are the most influential when it comes to making a purchase decision. The difference between shopping online and on the physical store is that the later provides you the facility to see, feel, and look at the product which the former does not. So, all customers have to rely on the images of those products. All their purchase decisions are based on the available description of the product and pictures from different angles. But some might not reach on the product detail pages because they might leave store after seeing the product on listing pages. Therefore, you need a functionality that allows your customers to see different angle pictures or videos from product listing pages itself.

Mconnect Product Image Flipper Extension for Magento 2 provides Magento store owners a facility to showcase the different images and videos of the product by hovering over them. The extension will change the main image of the product from the product listing pages with the secondary image or video. A flip effect takes place whenever a customer searches for products and hover over any of the product while still being on the listing page without going into a particular product page. The admin can simply upload flipper images from the backend catalog page. Also, the extension allows you to upload video or a link to an existing YouTube video. And the best thing about this is that it works with any theme and does not affect the page load time.

Features of the Mconnect Product Image Flipper Extension for Magento 2

  • The extension will automatically flip the image of the product once a customer hovers over it.
  • You can show multiple angles of the product in image such front/back/side views.
  • It works well on the category page, or any product listing page.
  • Simple to upload any number of slip images or videos from the backend.
  • Also, the extension allows you to add YouTube videos as well.
  • When someone hovers over, the extension will flip the image horizontally or vertically, for convenience you can choose either of the ones.
  • Option to set a priority to showcase first an image or video if both are available.
  • Works effortlessly with any of the Magento 2 themes.
  • It does not affect the load time. The extension even helps in reducing the load time by rendering the page once image/video loads.

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