Must Read Millennial Statistics for 2021 Every Marketer Should Know

“Millennials are the future of the world,” and surprisingly, that’s true. They are young, energetic, and self-centered – but they’re also capable of handling almost anything right now! Millennials have become a generation to set technology trends and drive technological development in recent years.

Young people are the world’s future, and surprisingly, that’s true. Though they’re not as old as other demographics like baby boomers or seniors, millennials between 24 and 40 years old have become largely responsible for driving technological development in this decade.

During the lockdown, the younger generation was hit hard; as reported in the 2021 Millennial survey, they are cooped up and isolated, experiencing the constant fear of getting sick or seeing loved ones get ill and experiencing global disasters.

Still, Millennials are the best generation you can consider, and hence, it is understandable why they exert all of their energy into holding themselves and others accountable. Read more on “Must Read Millennial Statistics for 2021 Every Marketer Should Know” and for more blogs, visit


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