What are the Top Website Performance Tools to Use in 2021 (Free + Advanced)

Businesses rely on web applications today, and the reason is to generate sales and provide a seamless customer experience. And that’s why you must optimize your website to deliver an experience that users want and need.

Like that turtle and rabbit story, another way of saying slow and steady wins the race. If we say mainly, slow websites can ruin a business, and it may happen that you will have an increased bounce rate and can affect your search engine rankings.

 This article will review how you can monitor your website’s performance and speed it up with these best practices and tools. The performance of the website monitoring is based on various factors and tech indicators to see if it affects the user’s experience and page loading speed. In the end, by monitoring the website, you will have an idea of how to enhance the website’s user experience. Tools like GTmetrix, WebPagetest, Pagespeed Insights, and others are used to see the website’s performance. Read more on “What are the Top Website Performance Tools to Use in 2021 (Free + Advanced),” and for more blogs, visit mconnectmedia.com.


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