Ultimate List of Abandoned Card Email Templates with Examples to Get Back Customers

During a pandemic, eCommerce was at pick and ruling other industries, but at the same time, online stores were suffering from high abandon cart rates. According to a Statista report, it is found that 88.05% of online shopping orders were abandoned.

If you have an eCommerce store and selling products, it might happen that you will lose customers during the checkout process. And we bet you, many customers have been through this problem. Ultimately, it is one of the most common problems online shoppers face, hurting the eCommerce store owner.

A fundamental aspect of eCommerce is abandoned cart emails. Follow-up emails are sent when items have been added to a shopping cart but have not yet been purchased by someone who has visited the store. If they reach the checkout process but leave before completing the procedure, they have not completed the purchase.

Email reminders are sent to customers who leave items in their cart but do not purchase them. They help keep track of what customers have left in their cart. To know more about it, you may refer to “Ultimate List of Abandoned Card Email Templates with Examples to Get Back Customers,” and for more blogs, visit mconenctmedia.com.


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