How Google Passage Ranking Algorithm Impact on your eCommerce Business?

Google has a reputation for changing its behavior in order to improve the customer experience. In October, Google announced another set of new features, including language processing, subtopics, and passages.

The main reason we see Google is for its ranking signals, but it is much more than that. In terms of the algorithm changes, Google has produced passage-based indexing this time around. In addition, this is not a major update because it is just a few small tweaks to the content to ensure search engines can understand it and return the most relevant results.

While some refer to it as an index update, it is actually a ranking update. We have talked about a reason on why this update doesn’t change the ranking of pages; however, the algorithm may view individual passages as more relevant than the entire page in its entirety.

Google passage indexing is used to rank individual passages on search results based on the user’s search query. Essentially, passage indexing is nothing more than a Google crawler determining the relevance of specific passages within content, which impacts search engine rankings. For more information about Google’s new algorithm, please read “How Google Passage Ranking Algorithm Affects Your eCommerce Business?” For more such blogs, please visit


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