Interesting Facts About Ecommerce That You Must Read

The eCommerce industry flourished now, but did you know Pizza Hut started the first online ordering? Yes, it’s true. Nowadays, you can get anything delivered to your doorstep with just a single click. It’s impossible to imagine the current world without online shopping. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the entire way of shopping. eCommerce became a major part of our routine.

Let’s read about some interesting facts about eCommerce that will help you appreciate the dynamic of the eCommerce platform.

The first eCommerce company, Boston Computer Launch, was invented in 1982 in the USA. This platform helped people who wanted to sell their used computers. In 1984, the company named Compuserve introduced the first electronic mall in the USA and Canada. Michael Aldrich invented the online shopping concept.

Online shopping became possible for the public after the internet was introduced in 1991. Amazon was the first retailer in the eCommerce business and became the king of the eCommerce industry with 288.70 million visitors per month. Currently, China is the world’s biggest eCommerce market.

The eCommerce industry has become a godfather for online shopping as it is likely to reach 14 billion global buyers in 2021. And eCommerce sales are expected to be responsible for 1 percent of retail sales across the globe. As stated before, Pizza hut was the first to start home delivery in 1994. Before that, people usually ordered their food via telephone. Nowadays, the food industry has evolved impressively, and it has been way easier to order food from the comfort of our homes. Although eCommerce has taken over the retail business, it still has room for improvement. But as of now, it has made our routine more convenient for both buyers and sellers. Read the full article on “Interesting Facts About Ecommerce That You Must Read” for more details.

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