Power of eCommerce Emails: How to Craft Perfect Thank You Email to your Customers?

The majority of businesses send thank you emails after a customer has made a purchase. But, does it really makes an positive impact? Are customers really impressed and coming back? If your emails are too formal and in monotone, it will sound robotic.

In this competitive era, grabbing customer’s attention and making them your regulars is a bit tricky. You need to plan various strategy to give customers an amazing experience of your eCommerce site. And one of the way to make your customer feel special is thank you emails. Customers love being pampered. A personalized yet simple email can make a huge difference.

For starters, send Thank you emails to your customers after their orders. This makes it one step closer to build a healthy relationship with customer. Displaying your gratitude is very fruitful for your business and can help you gain customer’s trust and loyalty.

By sending out Thank you emails, you are indicating that there is a real person behind the screen and not an auto-generated message. This will make you stand out from your competitors and corporate world. To make your Thank you email personalised, include their name, i.e. “Hello, Jennifer”. In addition, you can add a photograph of your team in the end.

Thank you emails can get you twice as high engagement compared, increase your conversion rates. You can plan your Thank you emails to maximize open rates. They’ll increase the repeat rates and

You can send out Thank you emails when someone subscribes to your website, after a purchase, after the product is delivered, and when you hit any milestone. Thank-you emails are most effective if you use them correctly.  However, plan your emails strategically. If you bombard your customers with emails, there are chances that they’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe the emails.

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