Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Boost Conversion Rate

Exit popups show up when visitors are leaving your website in order to retain them. It’s like a last attempt to turn your visitor into a customer. Even though it may look annoying, it doesn’t do any harm, as people are already leaving your store. But in some cases, exit popups can gather more attention and helps you get your customer.

Exit popups have many benefits, such as boosting leads, reduce bounce rates, increased conversion rates, etc. As we know, the first impression is the last, but in this case, we have to make our last impression extraordinary. Even though it is an exit popup, visual appearance is a primary key.

Ensure that your popups are highly appealing, engaging and do not offend users when they leave the website. Use attractive colours, images, graphics, appropriate fonts, and minimize your content. Also, design an impressive CTA.

Another best use of exit popup is to collect feedback. Even though your visitor left your website, their feedback can help you improve your website, and you can attract them again after a few modifications. You can add a small window in your popup to put customer’s suggestions and feedback.

It’s essential to focus on the visitor’s point of view while deciding on any exit-intent offers. You can display deals, launch quizzes, make them sign-up for your newsletter, and ask permission through popups. For example, you can ask permission to know their location and send push notifications if there are any offers in the stores nearby.

The whole purpose of the exit popup is to try last time to save the about-to-leave customer. Thus, apply any strategy that works for you and create an amazing exit popup that can change your customer’s mind. Read the whole article on “Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Boost Conversion Rate” for more details. For more blogs like this, visit


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