How Using Latest PHP Version is Beneficial for Your Magento Store?

PHP 8.0 is the long-awaited version of PHP – a website scripting language. The latest version is scheduled for general availability on Nov 26, 2020. PHP 8.0 has some groundbreaking features and enhancements like the new JIT compiler.

Just in Time or JIT compiler is the most hyped feature upgrade of the latest PHP version and is speculated to improve the performance of the websites running on PHP like Magento 2. And to find that out, we put it on a test and also compared the performance with the website running on PHP 7.3. We properly optimized both the website and tested them under similar circumstances. The result of this test was quite surprising as to the expectations.

We started out by installing PHP 8 first. It was an easy and straightforward process. Then, we installed Magento 2 on PHP 8. During the installation of Magento 2, we were faced with few problems and applied solutions to the best of our knowledge to overcome those issues. Once the installation was complete, we conducted a few performance tests. You can read this article here to know how the latest version of the PHP has performed against PHP 7.3.


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