What’s New In Magento 2.4.x ? Features, Enhancements & Requirements

Last year, Magento teased about releasing Magento 2.4.0 in 2020, the latest version upgrade in its squad. It released the beta version for testing purposes in June 2020. And now, it is finally available for everyone to download, install, and upgrade the existing Magento stores.

The latest version of Magento line-up includes over 100+ core code improvement for quality and over 30+ enhancements for security. Also, Magento mentioned about addressing 226+ GitHub issues and pull requests ranging from minor core code clean up to significant improvements in inventory management and GraphQL.

New Order Approval workflows, In-Store Pickup, 30x fast New Media Gallery, Seller-assisted Shopping, fast and easy deployment of headless and PWA studio, default two-factor authentication, improved tech-stack along with other security, platform, infrastructure, and performance improvements are major takeaways of this version upgrade. It also includes feature improvements in the B2B module for Commerce edition users.

These new features and enhancements will provide merchants with new opportunities to seize in this changing environment and make them ready for the future the eCommerce holds. So, if you are running on the older version than migrate or upgrade to the latest stable version – Magento 2.4.0.


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