Magento Enterprise Edition Cost? Is it really worth? Features, Comparison & Guide

Magento CMS Open-Source solutions like Magento 2 has reformed the eCommerce industry. The latest flagship version provides three editions as per the budget and size of the business. For small and medium businesses, Magento offers free to use open source edition. Large organizations that need priority support and features like B2B suite, page builder, and others, Magento offers Commerce and Commerce cloud edition.

The license fee of these editions varies based on the revenue a company generates in a year. For Commerce Edition formerly known as Enterprise Edition, the license fees start at $22,000 per annum goes to $125,000 per annum. Whereas, for Commerce Cloud edition the license fees range from $40,000 to $190,000 per annum. The commerce cloud edition of Magento 2 is hosted in-house on the cloud servers of Adobe.

These editions help enterprises to scale their businesses to a gigantic level. They also offer easy migration from other eCommerce platforms, the feature which is not available in the free version. Along with this, they have many other incredible features that other eCommerce clearly lacks. Read this article to know all the features and cost comparison of Enterprise Edition in detail.


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