Complete Walk Through of eCommerce Evolution and its History

Ecommerce has become an important part of our routine life and all thanks to the invention of the Internet. It has been so effectively penetrated in our lives that imagining life without the internet and eCommerce is impossible. Ecommerce or electronic commerce means buying and selling products or services over the internet.

The history of eCommerce dates back to around 40 years ago in the 1980s and since then, it has helped numerous businesses to grow innumerably. Amazon and eBay are the oldest and have pioneered online transactions. The latest advancements in technology and enhanced internet connectivity have made the eCommerce more accessible to all.

Small to large enterprises, businesses, and start-ups all have benefited from it. Also, it’s still a hot favorite among new-age entrepreneurs who also want a piece of the pie. Due to the invention of eCommerce, no one now wants to go out in the street to buy products. People want to shop everything and do everything from the comfort of their home which makes eCommerce more flexible, accessible, and scalable for shoppers.

You can read the full article here to know more about the complete history of eCommerce and the future of eCommerce.


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