How to Setup Multi store in Magento 2 – Step By Step Tutorial

Want to expand your business and build another eCommerce store? Well, you don’t have to choose another platform for that because your Magento 2 platform has a feature that allows merchants to set up and manage multiple eCommerce stores from a single admin dashboard. This feature is default and comes handy if you need to expand your business in another sector or at the international level.

Once you have set up multiple stores in one Magento installation, then you can manage the inventory, use the same payment and other third-party extensions for all your store. You have an option to use the same content of the common pages like terms and conditions, privacy policies, disclaimers, etc.

To set up a new eCommerce store in the existing Magento 2 installation, you need to set up three different components called Website, Store, and Store View. You have the option to define what each component can do and what their role is. Once you have configured these three components, they work from our existing admin panel dashboard of Magento 2. Read this article to read how you can set up multiple stores from a single Magento 2 installation.


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