Mconnect Brand Logo / Manufacturer Slider Extension for Magento 2

Want your customers to shop for products of their favorite brand? Or want to showcase the brand/manufacturers you have worked with before? Customers’ minds are much likely to be affected by the products of prestigious brands. Most customers stay loyal to brands they usually purchase from. Many online shoppers randomly purchase products from their favorite brands without any real need. So, it is important that your customers know, you are selling products of their brands. And one such way to do so it by showcasing the logo of all the brands you are dealing with.

Mconnect Brand Logo/Manufacturer Slider Extension for Magento 2 will highlight the brands by their logo to let customers know that you are selling products to those particular brands. It will ease the shopping process for your customers and they could find their favorite product in a matter of time. The extension allows the admin of the store to upload the brand logo and set redirection easily from the backend grid. The extension comes with a widget of a portable brand logo slider, which can be placed on any page of your store. Also, you can customize the extension to set width, title, speed, pagination, and number of slides.

Features of the Mconnect Brand Logo/Manufacturer Slider Extension for Magento 2

  • The extension allows you to highlight brand/manufacturer logos in your store.
  • The admin can easily manage the brands from the backend grid.
  • Upload any number of brand logos and set up a redirection with a link, which leads to that particular brand page.
  • Option to set up a custom title for a slider that appears on the top.
  • The admin has to specify the number of slides that will move simultaneously.
  • Option to customize the speed of the slide, size of slider, pagination, etc.
  • The extension comes with a widget, which is portable and can place the brand logo on any page of your store.
  • It helps to increase the value and loyalty of your customers in the long run.

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