Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento 2

Want a functionality to charge shipping fee per product basis? Shipping of products is one of the priority things for the success of your Magento store. As per the Businesswire study, 93% of online shoppers think that shipping methods are a vital part for positive shopping experience. Not adopting the best shipping methods in your store can impact the shopping experience of users as well as increase the cart abandonment rate. This will make your business suffer from potential losses, which you could have easily converted into revenue. One of the shipping methods you should adopt is a flat rate. But the disadvantage of using this method is that, it applies to the all products of your store. But what if you need a solution that charges shipping fees for specific products or categories of products.

Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento 2 provides you the facility to charge shipping fees based on order amount or per product. With this extension installed in your Magento 2 store, you can charge customers separately for each product. The extension will charge the shipping fee per product added to the cart. If any product does not have any shipping method marked while adding into the cart, the extension will charge the default shipping fee. The extension has the option to enable multiple Qty if any customers add the same product multiple times into the cart. It also has the option to set up free shipping for eligible orders that surpass the threshold amount. The admin of the store can restrict any country from ordering products on their store.

Features of the Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento 2

  • The extension allows you to set up flat rate shipping for specific products in your store.
  • Option to enable the multiple Qty if customers add the same product multiple times in the cart.
  • Option to charge default shipping rate for products not having any specific shipping method or defined with the shipping rate.
  • For each product in the cart, the admin can set up separate flat rate shipping.
  • Option to allow/restrict the shipping for a particular country.
  • Free shipping option when order total surpasses the threshold amount.
  • The extension works fine with all types of products.
  • Option to show a customized error message when the method is not available.

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