Mconnect Advanced Ajax Login & Register Extension for Magento 2

The page load time and improper store navigation can make your bounce rate and cart abandonment rate very poor, which directly affects sales and conversion of your Magneto 2 store. A Kissmetrics survey found that 40% of visitors would abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds. Therefore, you need a solution that takes care of this problem. A solution that will allow customers to quickly login to their account without redirecting them to the traditional login or registration page.

Mconnect AJAX Login and Registration Extension for Magento 2 is a perfect solution that allows customers to log in easily and rapidly without any page redirect or reload. The extension makes the login functionality smoother and more appealing for the customers. The extension replaces the traditional log in or registration page with a simple popup or a sidebar window. The integration with AJAX helps eliminate the redirection or reload of the page and customers can sign in or sign up from the same page. Also, customers can reset a password if they have forgotten it. The admin of the store can set up personalized success and failure messages to provide better brand experience. The extension helps customers to focus more on their shopping without any hassle of redirects or page reloads.

Features of Mconnect Advanced AJAX Login and Registration Extension for Magento 2

  • The extension lets customers log in or register without any redirection or reload of the page.
  • 2 types of animated forms for registration, login or forget the password.
  • Option to show either popup or a sidebar window for login or registration.
  • The extension can redirect new or registered customers.
  • AJAX integration makes the task easy and rapid.
  • Option to set success or failure messages for personalized brand experience.
  • The extension replaces the traditional Magento 2 login and registration process.
  • It helps to save precious time of your customers and reduce the navigation effort.
  • Customers will be able to log in from any page on your Magento 2 store.
  • The extension serves a hassle-free and more focused user experience.

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