Mconnect Store Locator / Google Map Extension for Magento 2

Sometimes customers or your dealers may need to contact you in person to solve their queries or shop from your physical store. One way you can do this is by providing them with an address or provide them Google map location, which they can follow and reach you in no time. To let your customers or dealers know the location of your dealer store, you can use Mconnect Store Locator Google Map Extension for your Magento 2 store.
The extension will help you manage the Google map locations of multiple stores. It provides ease and speed to customers to find the location of your physical stores. This dealer store locator extension helps customers with the addresses, open time, in-store events, etc. Also, all this information can be imported through the CSV file. The friendly user interface of the extension provides an appropriate amount of search criteria, which will help customers to locate your stores easily with minimum efforts. With the integration to Google map, the direction and navigation to your store will also become simple even if your store is five or ten miles away. The main aim of the store locator extension is to increase the traffic volume at your physical store so that when a product is not available at one store, the customers can find it on another store location.

Features of Mconnect Store Locator Google Map Extension for Magento 2:

  • The whole list of stores with their addresses are available to the customer.
  • The location of the stores with their icons will be visible to customers on Google map.
  • Option to choose between the satellite or map view.
  • Option to filter store location and addresses with tags.
  • Customers can also search stores with the help of zip code, a specific city, state/province, or country.
  • Option to add multiple store locations by importing the CSV file.
  • Facility to add various other store information like store open hours, in-store events, etc.

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