Mconnect Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2

Sometimes we need to restrict shipping for some valid reasons like banned trade of goods, export regulations, carriers not available for some locations, or high shipping charges. So, to save yourself from the losses, you have to take action by setting up custom shipping rules. The default Magento 2 shipping restriction is not that much capable of doing so without affecting your business in some specific ways. Therefore, you need a custom module that gives you full control over shipping methods and custom restrictions rules.

Mconnect Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento 2 gives you the authority to set up several numbers of custom shipping restrictions based on the specific customer group, cart, and the product attribute. The extension allows you to create and manage custom shipping rules from the simple backend grid for the selected shipping method. The extension gives you an option to set restrictions for a specific store view. Also, you can create an error or unavailability message to appear next to the unavailable shipping method. The extension has an option that uses shipping rule easily with the coupon codes. Customers won’t be able to check out if they are not eligible to use the specific shipping method and the extension will show an error. With proper setup, this module comes handy for Magento 2 store owners to provide a smooth checkout process.

Features of Mconnect Shipping Restriction Extension for Magneto 2:

· The extension is able to block particular shipping options or carriers.

· You can create an unlimited number of custom shipping rules.

· Easy to manage the custom shipping restriction with the backend grid.

· Create shipping limitations based on customer groups, carts, or product attributes.

· Customers can use coupon codes along with the shipping rules.

· Shipping restrictions can be set for a specific store view.

· Option to set custom error or unavailability message for shipping methods.

· Admin can enable the restrictions when creating order from backend.

· Helps to save your business from possible losses by creating shipping restrictions.

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