Latest Online eCommerce Shopping Trends during Corona Pandemic

Corona Pandemic is one of the unfortunate events that took place at the start of 2020. The fast spread of the disease put many countries and the health of their citizens into danger. People are advised to stay at home because of the implementation of restrictions and lockdowns. This left people to do nothing but get creative into their shopping needs.

Many businesses were affected by the restrictions and lockdowns but eCommerce sectors started to flourish in these hard times. Countries like Finland had a surge of more than 60% in their eCommerce orders. Not only sectors that sold essential goods like grocery, food, and healthcare items but many other sectors have also felt a surge in their orders.

Products like video chat equipment, home office equipment, pet supplies, gaming and entertainment services, backyard betterment, fitness equipment, etc have seen a rise in their orders. Also, eCommerce trends are changing in many countries. Video games, patio, lawn and gardening, toys & games, musical instruments are some of the eCommerce categories that have seen an increase in orders. You can follow the same trend for your eCommerce store and generate some profits even in these difficult times. 

Read full blog “Latest Online eCommerce Shopping Trends during Corona Pandemic” here on Mconnect Media.


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