7 Outstanding A/B Testing Ideas to Upgrade Your Product Page

A/B testing means comparing the result of changes made in a website to improve the rate of conversion. Even the slightest changes like changing the color of CTA buttons could potentially increase sales and conversions. This testing methodology is also used by giants like Google and Amazon.

A/B testing is simple and provides necessary insight for your website’s product page for what works and what does not. Insights on the habits and behavior of your customers provide you important information to create high-converting marketing strategies. A properly done A/B testing will give the best version of your product page. These A/B testing methods can foster the growth of your eCommerce business.

Testing the various pricing options, images and videos, social proof, including necessary details, etc are some of the outstanding ways to optimize the product page. The fact that A/B testing is an important strategy for eCommerce growth and it is also known to Google who once tested 50 different shades of blue color to find the highest converting one. But it’s not a one-time process, you constantly have to research and update your product pages to see what makes people click on Buy Now CTAs of your website.

Read the full blog on “7 Outstanding A/B Testing Ideas to Upgrade Your Product Page” on Mconnect Media.


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