Why Magento is 10x better than WooCommerce? In depth Comparison

Are you planning to start your eCommerce business? Must have thought for which CMS platform is best and suitable for your needs?

There are lots of CMS platforms to choose from but you may have been confused between Magento and WooCommerce. Well, they both have their advantages and downsides. But when it comes to scaling your business, the features and functions Magento provides are no way near to what WooCommerce offers. Why do we say that?

To find that out we gone deep and deep into understanding each of the platform’s structure to explain to you how Magento is way better than you thought it to be. You must be thinking how it is possible? Well, we compared each platform’s essential factors as listed below.

  1. Features of each platform
  2. Speed and performance of each platform
  3. Security features of each platform
  4. Each platform’s ease of use
  5. How much each cost
  6. Technical support provided

In this guide, you will find that Magento is not only flexible, simple but highly scalable and robust platform. While WooCommerce is pretty good but does not provide scalability features which are essential for medium and large-sized organizations. Read this article for an in-depth comparison that proves why Magento is 10 times better than WooCommerce.


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