What happens if you continue to use Magento 1.x after June 2020

As per the official Magento sources, Magento will end all relations with Magento 1 platform after June 2020. This means that there will be no official Magento security and quality patches after the end of life (EOL). From now on they will only focus on developing their flagship platform Magento 2. But what happens if you still continue to use Magento 1 even after the EOL?

Well, here are few things that will happen once Magento 1 support ends,

  • All Magento 1.X edition will stop receiving important patches.
  • Once support ends, your store will start to decay over time and reach to a point of no use.
  • No suitable new extension or support for the extension will be provided.
  • No reliable sources to solve bugs and critical issues.
  • With critical issues and outdated platform, there will a potential risk of data getting stolen or attacks from hackers.
  • Also, you could lose PCI compliance, which means customers won’t be able to pay using credit cards.
  • Only a few developer agencies will work with Magento 1 that too with a high price.
  • The performance of your store will degrade with time, which will affect the sales and conversion rate.

These and lot more other hidden things will make your Magento 1 store vulnerable. To know everything in detail read this article on what happens after Magento 1 end of life in June 2020. The Magneto 2 has been built on new architecture and codebase. Also, it has numerous other benefits over Magento 1. Therefore, we encourage you to migrate to Magento 2 as soon as possible. Our highly experienced team has been able to successfully migrate 36+ Magento 1 store to Magento 2 with full client satisfaction reviewing us with 4.9 stars out 5.


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