Impact of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on online eCommerce businesses Worldwide

Since the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus, it has impacted many small to large scale businesses. The brick mortar shops have to bear a big impact on their revenues due to fewer footfalls are coming out in the open and only rely on eCommerce shops. There are many sectors in eCommerce which have seen a rise since the outbreak and can cash in some profits. Today, we will see how coronavirus has impacted eCommerce shopping.

  • Consumers are turning toward online shops for grocery and food shopping. The travel industry has been hit worst. The video streaming services are also in for profit from this pandemic.
  • Traditional brick and mortar retail shops have an omnichannel opportunity to focus and invest in building an eCommerce store.
  • More than 75-80% of companies have seen disruption of the supply chain in high magnitude.
  • The demand for safety materials such as the N95 mask and other relevant things are skyrocketing. The traffic on healthcare sites has grown around 25%.
  • The coronavirus will impact the holiday season but for good.

Also, the action plan has been described to lessen the blow of the pandemic on your eCommerce business. Read this article to get an in-depth analysis of the impact of coronavirus on an eCommerce store.


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